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Are you looking for an alternative to your present investment strategy? Are you growing less and less satisfied with the reduced services, conflicts of interest, and increasing costs and commissions associated with brokerage firms and trust companies? Are you truly confident that your broker or trust officer has the knowledge and training to help you attain and maintain the financial goals that are so important to you? If you are tempted to answer anything but an affirmative yes to any of these questions then please read the following description of an investment management concept that is fast becoming the preferred method of financial management by the affluent in this country.

Fiduciary Consulting Group, Inc. is an independent, fee-only, investment management, estate and financial planning firm. As a registered investment advisor, our mission is to provide a superior alternative to brokerage firms and trust companies. We differentiate our firm from brokerage firms by providing independent, fee-only investment management and by focusing on long-term financial planning rather than on products, sales and transactions. We do not sell investment products nor do we broker securities, and thus do not receive commissions. We differ from Trust companies in our ability to deliver independent, personalized, hands on planning and service for a substantially reduced fee. At this firm you deal directly with the trained, experienced professional who helps you manage your finances and investments, rather than with an account executive or “new business” representative from a bank.

Fiduciary Consulting Group, Inc., established in 1995, does not retain custody of client assets. Clients take great comfort in knowing that all accounts are titled in the name of the individual client at Charles Schwab Institutional, a financial services company giant. At all times the client has complete access and control of his or her account. Charles Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab, is the leader in providing services to independent, fee-only investment advisors throughout the country. As a client of Charles Schwab, through your advisor, you have access to all of the products and services available at any other leading brokerage firm or trust company. Additionally, Schwab provides one of the highest levels of account protection in the industry.


Serving And Providing The Best Services For Our Clients

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Superior Alternative

At Fiduciary Consulting Group, we act as fiduciary to provide a superior alternative to brokerage firms and trust companies.

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Efficient Markets

Fundamental belief in efficient markets and the use of Dimensional Funds in the construction of Investment Portfolios.

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Wealth Management

Independent, fee-only financial planning focused on wealth management and conservation.


Are you looking for an alternative to your present investment strategy?

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